DIY Streamer Backdrop

DIY Streamer Backdrop Rainbow Streamer Curtain Rainbow Streamers

Nowadays, photo booths are essential at any party and Charmios has created streamer backdrops for all types of occasions, such as 1st birthdays, sweet sixteen parties, wedding ceremonies and movie premieres. Creating your own streamer backdrop can be a cost effective way of keeping within your party budget and we're going to show you how! The example shown here is for a Trolls themed party, so we'll be creating a Rainbow Streamer Backdrop and adding a top layer of our ruffled streamers for a little bit texture and movement.
Here's what you'll need: Crepe Paper Streamer Rolls in the colors you want to incorporate into your backdrop.  (If you choose to add a top layer of ruffled streamers, you can purchase those from our shop via  You'll also need a measuring tape to measure out and pre-cut your strips (this will make the assembly process go much faster).  And, two types of tape 1.) removable 2-side tape and 2.) permanent 2-side tape. Scissors and glue dots. 
DIY Ruffled Streamer Backdrop Materials
Clean off a flat surface like a dining or craft table that can accommodate the length of your backdrop.  Add your first strip of removable 2-sided tape as to not damage your table top or work surface.
DIY Rainbow Ruffled Streamer Backdrop
Peel off the paper from the 2-sided tape and start placing your pre-cut streamer strips in the order you've predetermined.  In this example, we are creating a Rainbow Streamer Backdrop approx. 3 feet wide and 6.5 feet long.  Since it is a Rainbow design, we have chosen to work from the middle out to the edge of the table.  You'll see why when viewing the final version.
Rainbow Streamer Backdrop
DIY Streamer Backdrop
You'll want to add a 2nd layer to create depth and help fill in the backdrop once it is hung.  Add another strip of 2-sided tape but this time use the permanent 2-side tape to keep the curtain securely together.
Once the 2nd layer of pre-cut streamers have been added it is now time to add your pre-cut ruffled streamers. (If you do not have a sewing machine and are unfamiliar with how to ruffle crepe paper streamers but want to dress up your backdrop, you can order ruffled streamers from our shop.) Since you are now using the permanent 2-side tape, we recommend you layout your ruffled streamers to be sure you have the order you would like to attach them.
DIY Streamer Curtain
Rainbow Streamer Backdrop
DIY Streamer Backdrop
We like to add a finished border to our streamer backdrops. If you want to do the same, you'll need to add another 2-side strip of permanent tape to the header of the curtain.  If not, you can simply peel up the curtain from the table and adhere it to your wall where you want to hang it using two or three removable poster board squares (just in case the removable tape exposed one you peel it off your surface becomes less tacky).  For a more finished look we added a single ruffled streamer to the header.
Rainbow Streamer Curtain
After you've added the 2-sided permanent tape to the ruffled layer, you will want to fold the strip along the sewn crease and press firmly just the one side of the ruffled single streamer.  The other side of the sewn crease will cover the back side of the backdrop once you peel it off the table.
Rainbow Streamer Backdrop DIY
Slowly peel off the curtain off the table or whatever flat surface you are using and slowly fold it over so you can fully see the backside of the backdrop.
DIY Streamer Backdrop
This is where the glue dots come in handy.  Since it can be hard to maneuver around and too risky to add a strip of the 2-sided permanent tape over the removable tape, we suggest using glue dots every few inches to give it a bit of extra hold.  Finish by pressing the other side of the ruffled streamer border onto the exposed tape strip on the backside of the backdrop to give it a finished look.
Rainbow Streamer Backdrop
And, there you have it.  Once hanging you may need to trim the bottom for a clean line but in a couple of hours and with some preparation and an extra hand, you too, can create a party backdrop that is guaranteed to WOW your guests. Be sure to visit our collection of Rainbow Themed Craft and Party supplies via our website at
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