Drop-in And Paint Your Own Wood Sign or Shape In 4 Easy Steps!

  1. Pick the size board you want to paint.
  2. Choose a design from our single use vinyl stencil gallery.
  3. Apply the single use stencil with transfer tape to your wood shape or board.
  4. Choose your stain and/or paint and get paintin'.
  5. Sand your wood for a distressed look (optional).
  6. Take your wood decor project home with you.

    What It Costs

    There is a studio fee of $8.00 per person plus the cost of the board project, which includes the single use vinyl stencil and tape transfer. The studio fee includes studio time, artist materials and supplies and grouting of the piece.

    Wood Board Projects range in price from $24 - $40 with a large selection of designs to choose from for sitter signs, mini porch and door hanger signs.